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The Bearn

The Bearn

The Barétous valley is the westernmost of the Béarn valleys and the last one before the Basque country. It is characterised by the lunar landscape of La Pierre Saint-Martin.ierre-Saint-Martin.

The valley communicates with the Spanish Roncal valley by the pass of La Pierre Saint-Martin. This is where the Roncal junta is celebrated every year, on 13 July. It consists in renewing a treaty, which was passed six hundred years ago between the French and Spanish shepherds, who swore mutual aid and harmony.

The Barétous is also the musketeers country. Aramis, Porthos and the count of Tréville actually lived here. Land of movement and traditions, the valley can be discovered in the museographic place “The House of Barétous” in Arette. Whether it is cycling, alpine or nordic skiing in La Pierre Saint-Martin or Issarbe, the Impossible Ascent – which is an international event for motocross riders – hiking or fishing, the valley offers outdoor activities in the middle of nature all year long.

Every summer, this pastoral valley also organises sheepdog trials and visits of cayolars, which is the basque name for shepherd shack.


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