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Our local producers

Our local producers

The producers will make you feel welcome in their farms, cellars, salting room or workshops. In this land, the food specialities rely on the mountain and country.

The producers use their farm resources and favour direct contact with the customer. The industrial methods do not fit here ! Discover the making of sheep, cow and goat cheese, which will then be sold on markets.

Country ham of yesteryear : The climatic and geological conditions of the Adour basin, oscillating between dry and wet weather, are perfect for salt curing ham. It is made in every village of the basin. It is in Bayonne, a harbour city, that this ham was first introduced and exported, hence the name “Bayonne ham”. Jeanne d’Albret and her son Henry IV, as well as Louis XIV, were the first ones to promote it.

Jurançon wine made history with Henry IV. In 1533, the future king was christened with a drop of Jurançon. The vines are terraced over 1,200 hectares facing the Pyrénées, like in the estate of Cabarrouy.

Garbure is a traditional and typical Béarn dish, of which there are multiple variants. To be served ideally during the first chilly autumn evenings, when everyone around the table is starving...

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