Basco-Bearnaise gastronomy

Culinary specialties

The epicureans, as for them will also find their happiness with the traditional Basco-Béarnaise gastronomy which abounds in culinary treasures such as Ossau Iraty ewe’s cheese, Bayonne ham, traditional garbure, Espelette chilli peppers, Jurançon wine, Basque cake …

The advantage we have in the region is that we have a real culinary variety Basco-Béarnaise !! The traditional garbure, the Bayonne ham, the axoa, the ventresca, the Ossau Iraty sheep cheese accompanied by a glass of Jurançon, the piperade, the Espelette chilli peppers, the Basque cake… We only have the embarrassment of the choice.

  • The cheese : ewe – Ossau Iraty
  • Bayonne Ham
  • Espelette chilli peppers
  • The wines of Jurançon
  • Desserts : Basque cake and Russian
  • Alcoholic beverages : Patxaran and Izarra
  • Some traditional recipes : la garbure, la piperade, l’axoa de veau, le poulet basquaise, la poule au pot…

What variety and gastronomic diversity in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

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découpe fromage
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piment espelette
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In Béarn and the inner Basque Country, the Ossau Iraty sheep cheese is the pride and the result of the well done work of the shepherds who lead their flocks during the long summer months.

The Bayonne ham, a south-western speciality from pig breeding, is the result of a skilful salting know-how. Served in thin slices, this dish is very much appreciated by lovers of charcuterie.

To accompany your dishes, there is nothing like the Espelette pepper, it is one of the emblems of the Basque Country. It will stimulate your taste buds and will perfume to delight your culinary preparations.

Between Oloron-Sainte-Marie and Pau, the Jurançon vineyard can be seen on the mountain slopes. This white wine with single grape varieties of “manseng”, is rich in aromas, either dry to accompany fish and shellfish, or more fruity as an aperitif ideal to accompany foie gras, smoked salmon or sheep cheese.

The Jurançon Wine Route is an excellent way for amateurs or the most initiated to travel through this exceptional territory. It is the perfect opportunity to meet these passionate winegrowers, in love with their Pyrenean vineyards.

On the dessert side, there is of course the inevitable Basque cake, a round and soft cookie filled with either custard or black cherries. There is also the Russian, created in 1925 by the Artigarrède family in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, a kind of almond-based mille-feuille.

After a good meal, you can enjoy a glass of Patxaran made from wild sloe berries or Izarra made from several local plants.

Here are some traditional local recipes: la garbure, la piperade, l’axoa de veau, Basque chicken, the hen in the pot.

Good addresses

Do you know a good restaurant?
We are often asked this question. The interest for our holidaymakers is to discover or rediscover the local culinary specialties.

The two good addresses near the camping Barétous, that we propose most often are :

  • Gouillardeu in Arette (3 km away – traditional inn with a generous kitchen nicely decorated
  • Chez Zélie in Féas (5 km away – restaurant offering local cuisine in a completely revamped establishment.

It’s up to you to make your choice, the best is to try both !!!

For lovers of “good food”, the boucherie Bozom ( in Arette, works from father to son and offers local quality meat. Beef meat, cooked dishes, confits, foie gras, coffrets… You will undoubtedly find there your happiness.

Then come and discover the artisanal cheese dairy of Aramits ( and taste its delicious Ossau Iraty PDO cheeses with the authentic taste which are the pride of the local shepherds.

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