Beñat: an outstanding athlete

Skyrunning is the mix of mountain running, mountaineering and ultra-trail. Races of 40, 50, 60 kilometers in high mountains with huge altitude differences !!! Kilian Jornet, Spanish trail runner, is THE most famous representative of this discipline. Beñat Marmissolle is an incredible athlete with exceptional physical, technical and mental capacities. His training ground is his native Basque Country.

Every day is a fight to be able to maintain himself at the highest level. And after years of training, the consecration for Beñat was to join the Skyrunner Wold Series, the world championship of skyrunning and is today 6th in the world general ranking. Travelling all over Europe and the world is now his goal to satisfy his passion for ultra-trail in the mountains.

In September 2019, Beñat won his most beautiful sporting victory in Bulgaria, the Pirin Ultra SkyRace with 66 kms and 4400 m D+: nothing but that!! Do like us, follow and support Beñat.

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